PTTU provides the skilled staff and infrastructure to develop and deliver clinicial research projects for the benefit of patients and the community.

About the Unit

The Portsmouth Technologies Trials Unit works in collaboration with clinical researchers, academics, patients and commercial partners to develop research studies relevant to our community. We specialise in working with commercial partners, including SMEs to develop research trials in new health care technologies, however we have a broad portfolio of studies including observational studies and qualitative research. We work with a range of academic, clinical and healthcare partners including the Research Design Service (RDS) South Central.

Staff & infrastructure

We provide the staff and infrastructure to develop and deliver high quality research studies from their inception, through set up, delivery and to close down.

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Our research covers a broad range of therapeutic areas with particular strengths in Respiratory and Gastroenterology.

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Engagement & outreach

Engagement and outreach activities with our local community play a key role in what we do and how we approach healthcare problems and solutions.

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PTTU is a collaboration between the University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The collaboration has grown extensively over recent years; watch the film to find out more about the partnership.

Meet the team

We work in partnership with colleagues in the Wessex region and beyond; talk to us if you think we can help you turn your research idea into a clinical research project.

Professor Anoop Chauhan

Clinical Director

Professor Chauhan has been Director of Research and Innovation at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust since 2009. He has driven an exponential growth in…

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Dr Phil Jewell

SIGHT Business Development and Programme Manager

Phil has a wealth of experience supporting collaboration between business and academia. For over 10 years Phil managed a number of University…

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Professor Gordon Blunn

Academic Lead

Professor Blunn moved to the University of Portsmouth in 2017 to become the Director in Health and Wellbeing. His current research investigates the…

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Dr Leon D’Cruz

PTTU Research Associate

Dr Leon Gerard D'Cruz joined the Research and Innovation Department at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust in 2020, following a post-doc at CTRIC, Ulster University, Northern Ireland studying the role of senescence and role of biomarkers in post-MI repair...

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Milan Chauhan

Research Data Coordinator

Milan is a graduate from Aston University and has spent the past year supporting research within the department as a Research Administrator…

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Elaine Baddeley

Research Facilitator & Trial Manager (Respiratory)

Elaine is a Research Facilitator who is responsible for the set up and delivery of clinical research studies. Elaine also provides specialist trial management…

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Sharon Court

PPI Facilitator

Sharon is a qualified teacher and youth worker with over thirty years experience of working with children and young people. She worked for ten…

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Sharon McCready

Research Nurse Lead

Sharon McCready is a Trust Lead Research nurse who specializes in leading a multidisciplinary team of research nurses, midwives and allied…

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Johanna Mouland

Research Nurse Lead

Johanna has worked in clinical research for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge in the delivery of studies across many clinical areas. A…

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Supporting trials and research in healthcare and medical technologies

The Portsmouth Technologies Trials Unit (PTTU) is a collaboration between Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Portsmouth. Launched in spring 2018, the unit specialises in running research studies, including clinical trials in new healthcare technologies.

We work in collaboration with academics, healthcare professionals and industry to develop and deliver high quality research projects. We specialise in working with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and have a growing portfolio of trials and research studies, reflecting our local research expertise and the needs of our patients.

If you are interested in any of our services or would like to learn more please contact us today using our quick contact form or by calling us on 02392 286000 ext: 4042.

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